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Carli's Base Camp

Carli's Base Camp is a unique value proposition for travellers with specific business, vacation and/or recreational needs. It is a bright and huge, multifunctional space in the very centre equipped with comfortable viscose quality mattresses, hammocks and a sofa bed. Ideal for those searching for exciting and affordable city accommodation.


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It is a holiday, entertainment, party, home theatre, work out, meditation and chill space all in one.

It is one of a kind!

Its prime location in the heart of the city centre and its multi-functionality are its USPs. Ideal for guests who prefer to stay in the very centre and explore everything our beautiful city has to offer, in particular the unique Lake Constance promenade, on foot. It is nestled in the sheltered courtyard on private premises with no public access, thus making it a perfect, small oasis of peace and quiet. It is actually an interesting mix between a base camp for basic sleeping needs, a small gym, a lounge and a large event & party room.


If you arrive by train , long distance bus and/ or ferry, you can just walk here in only 3 minutes. If you travel by car, we can arrange for convenient parking for a small extra charge.

The Space

The spacious room ( 200+ square meters for both floors !) including one extra multipurpose room is equipped with quality viscose mattresses ,hammocks and a sofa bed only, There is a tea kitchen ( microwave, fridge, capsule gourmet coffee machine and water kettle ) and a brand new bathroom with shower. If need be, more space is readily available for additional guests ( > 12 persons) and air beds. One added plus is the fact that the room stays cool even during extreme summer heat. There is also ample free storage space.


The Gym

It boasts a big gym mirror and a top quality walnut wooden wall bar for sportspeople & hedonists alike. You can " kiss your personal shrink and medication good-bye ", as we now have our own "work out, stress relief & anger management tool " formerly a.k.a. punching bag. The three-legged , state-of-the art VERSYS equipment ( born and made in the USA), can be used free-of-charge for all the above mentioned purposes at will. The only condition: Shoes OFF please. Bring it on! A top quality floor mat ( Dollamur, born and made in the USA ) for workouts and improved sleeping comfort is now also an integral part of our equipment. All in all, these new added amenities make the Base Camp an even more special and unique attraction at a prime location. 


1. Bedding

All bedding and towels for mattresses and bed sofa will be provided.

ECONOMY OPTION: In case you will bring your own bedding and towels, we will grant you a 20 euros discount per person / per stay. In case you do not need the home theatre, we will grant you a flat 30 euros discount per stay. In case you would like to chose this option or part of it, please let us know beforehand and we will adjust the price accordingly before you confirm your booking .

2. Slippers incentive ( SI ) - optional, not a must !

We very much appreciate our guests bringing their own slippers and wear them inside our premises. While this is of course not compulsory, we will reward guests wearing their own slippers as follows: 1 - 4 guests : 1 free bottle of quality wine or exquisite Schnapps 5 - 9 guests : 2 free bottles of quality wine or exquisite Schnapps > 9 guests : 3 free bottles of quality wine or exquisite Schnapps > 9 guests : 1 free bottle of exquisite Williams Schnapps + 1 free bottle of quality wine.

3.The Bunker

There is a unique cellar endowed with large classy ( Kerneiche furniture ) seating area, a genuine Brunner wood stove and a state-of-the art home theatre and SONOS music surround system ( Make sure to download the SONOS app ! ) for all kinds of meeting and celebrating purposes. It is one of a kind ! 

It is right below the base camp providing ample additional chill and recreational space. The state-of-the art wood stove ( IRON DOG ) produces a unique, cozy atmosphere and viewing pleasure. It can be used as a " meeting, chilling, relaxing, Feuerzangenbowle, Raclette, Fondue Bourguignonne - you name it - venue ". For the usage of the wood stove and our beech & spruce wood, there is an all-inclusive surcharge of only 50 euros per stay.

HOME THEATRE AND HIFI MUSIC SYSTEM: A state-of-the art home theatre and Sonos surround system are bound to meet all your entertainment and partying needs.


DARTBOARD GAMES & TABLETOP SOCCER: There is a big King's tournament steel dartboard used by dart professionals all over the world, for your unlimited playing pleasure. A professional tabletop soccer made by German gaming industry leader LÖWEN group is now also at your disposal for extra fun.



While we brand ourselves " Base Camp " , please note that almost all our furniture, home theatre, surround sound system, other technical equipment and unique decorative artworks are of high quality and carry a high price tag ( > 30 000 euros).


We are not to be confounded with a backpackers' / low budget accommodation or youth hostel!

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