Studio B

The Renaissance of a Legend 

The original Studio B discotheque and dance club set up in the early sixties had made its mark in the city's local entertainment scene history ( ).


We are building on its brand heritage by offering a one-of-a kind party space for rent right next to the original location in the very city centre of Friedrichshafen.

The entire place offers more than 200 m2 of  space for all kinds of partying and exhibition activities.

There is a comfortable sofa seating area as well as a set of large wooden tables & benches ( Biertische und Bänke ) dining area for over 100 persons. There is also a large fridge, water heater and capsule coffee machine. Heating is provided. Three washrooms are available on site.


Smoking is explicitly allowed inside!


On request a BBQ set can be rented and enjoyed right outside of the main entrance.


Non-stop partying!

Studio B is the only local space to get rented out for a total of 24+ hours. We are the only party space in town with no  curfew.

Let the party begin !

Address 1

Laimgasse 5

D - 88045 Friedrichshafen

Address 2

Möttelistraße 11

D - 88045 Friedrichshafen

Address 3

Argenstraße 21

D - 88099 Goppertsweiler 

Contact Details

Phone:    0049 - (0) 7541 9550 866     Mobile:    0049  - (0) 1573 5241 868

Skype:      ipfree888

WeChat:  KLCN1888

Available by email 24/7!

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